Our time is precious.  Giving it away for others is an act of faith and communicates what's most important to us.  At Bethlehem it's a lot of fun too!  One could say time is the most valuable thing we have to give, because time builds relationship.  Our God decided to spend time not only with us but as one of us.  Wow!



What a privilege to share our gifts and talents in what God is doing through the church.  One at Bethlehem recently recalled as her all time favorite worship moment the singing of a solo for a childhood Christmas Eve worship.  She added that she was terrified, and it was still her all time deepest connection with God in worship.  Absolute. Honor.  We all have talent and abilities; let us know how and when you'd like to share yours.



Paul exhorted the Corinthian community to give generously as you are able.  Just as in the giving of our time and talents, it is a privilege to participate in God's work by giving back a portion of what God has first given us.

At Bethlehem some give during the Sunday service and others give online.